Do you want to have a quiz next week?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Do you want to have a quiz next week?

Do you want to have a quiz next week?

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When discussing technology, a very distressing thing occurs to a large
number of people--common sense gets thrown out the window. Americans,
while not unique in this respect, have more difficulties with the concept that
technology is only a tool than some other peoples. There is the feeling that,
somehow, if ÒweÓ can merely invent machines bright enough, efficient enough,
or pretty enough that we will be able to solve all of our problems, from the
common cold up to the federal deficit, a new variation on death and taxes.
Perhaps it is left over Puritan idealism which allows U.S. Americans to think that
we can create using technology a Òcity on a hillÓ, a more perfect society than the
one we have. Yet viewing technology as a god is just as fallacious as viewing it
as a tool of the gods. Technology is a tool of human beings and is useful only as
human beings have created it.

Business English Technology Vocabulary for IT - Web 2.0

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